The Art & Design of Jack Bellis

Try to figure out the word ‘design’; I dare you.

Billiard Cue Stick Hangar
2021, brazilian mahogany

I’ve got a small space for the table so I need all these different length cues. This rack hangs over the middle of the table.

Fireplace implements
2021, mesquite, wrought iron, copper

The grabber tool was bought. The poker was hand made from a railing that was disassembled at our home. The dustpan was from a copper tray or bowl from a thrift store. The mesquite was from Walmart, sold for smoking food.

Gate Latch
2021, polypropylene, wood, chromed plastic, metal, polyethylene, nylon, rubber

I didn’t make the bolt mechanism, but the contraption that lets you simply pull to open the bolt, and thereby the gate.

Utensil Holder
2021, medium density fiberboard (MDF)

I’ve been working on this problem for years now. Tubes, clay, maybe some other media. I think I’m getting close.

Battle of the Fake Miros

I painted the fake on the right from the fake on the left. What do you think is the right way to sign an acknowledged duplicate of another artist’s work? I think every piece should be signed, so one must sign it. I like having the ‘real’ artist’s name first but in parentheses, then your name: “(Miro) Bellis.” Yes, seriously.

Ab Bike

1987(?)-present (2021), steel, aluminum, etc. It started as a way to use all four limbs for energy instead of just two. Then it morphed into an exercise purpose, working the entire frontal plane of the body instead of just the upper legs. Approximately my 10th attempt. Stay tuned. (“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” — Napoleon Hill)

“They Went Thataway”
2010(?)-2020, wood, epoxy

Reincarnated after its first 15 years outside after thinking it’s a pretty decent work of art, my favorite in fact since it’s so physical and symbolic and down-to-earth. Repainted and epoxy-coated to last forever.