Figma is a great tool. And by great, I mean confusing. Well, not really; I’m just messin’ with you. It is great, but with great power comes the need for lots of understanding. And I found its resizing stuff to be particularly hard to figure out. But like most such things, once you learn what’s going on, you sort of feel like, “Well of course that’s how it works, how else could it?” That might be true, but the gap between confusion and comprehension is a few morsels of info that are missing in the user interface.

This diagram is formatted with the intention that you zoom it to fit a large screen and use Full Screen if you have to.

Updated November 17, 2021

If you’re not getting vaccinated because you hate the government and science and scientists and doctors and people telling you what to do and the nanny state and who knows what other reason you have, then I have nothing to change your mind… because you’re not claiming to be using…

My father had this large train set hanging from the ceiling in my parents’ Florida sunroom, and when they moved I inherited it. It now hangs below an outdoor trellis. I have it set up so it’s motion-sensing, going on when you’re nearby. One day the train screeched to a…

This story is longer than it should be. But not for the usual reason, poor writing. It is too long because it shouldn’t be a story at all.

Key fob with panic button. Yes, now’s a good time to panic.

I recently bought a 2010 Honda Ridgeline. Great truck, as promised by my local mechanic, who told me “Don’t you dare buy…

Usability and other stuff

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